World Social Work Day

22 Mar 2010

world social work dayNational Center for Children’s Social Adaptation held a series of events, as part of World Social Work day celebrations, during Mar 15-18, 2010. This annual holiday is celebrated worldwide by social workers on the third Tuesday of March to discuss activities of social workers, their contribution to development of society and further cooperative activities in the field.  

At the days of the holiday, the Social work sector (established under the aegis of the Adaptation Center at the first dates of March) organized meetings with members of national team on social work and students of social work faculty at the Tashkent state culture institute.  

The meetings discussed the role of Social work sector in further development of this profession in our country. Main directions of the Sector’s activities have been finalized and defined as: 

  • Education in the field of Social Work;
  • Teaching practitioners: re-training and increasing proficiency of the specialists;
  • Social Work practice development: development of the standards of rendered service;
  • Increasing awareness on the Social Worker profession.

 world social work dayThe meetings also decided to create a web-site on a social work and develop methodological manuals on social work for teachers and practitioners. As well, the issues of further cooperation with UNESCO, as part of a newly launched joint project on strengthening capacities of social workers at academic and practical levels have been discussed.

Ref: The activities on social work development in Uzbekistan has been started by the specialists of the Adaptation Center in 2005, with the activities on developing education and practical work in this field, as well as promoting the profession of “social worker” in the country. 

The National Center for Children’s Social Adaptation was established at the initiative of Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2004 to promote interests of children of vulnerable groups, by facilitating development of legislative acts in regards to children of vulnerable groups and  improvement of provided services.