The philosophy underlining Lola Tillyaeva's perfume house The Harmonist

10 Jan 2022

There’s more to Lola Tillyaeva than a glance through her biography would suggest. She runs several charitable foundations, has co-produced a film, founded the Uzbek Federation of Gymnastics, and is a published author and an entreprenuer. Through it all, she finds her grounding in Feng Shui, a worldview that aims to harmonize the opposing forces of yin and yang. This philsophy also epitomizes Lola’s perfume house, The Harmonist.

Lola Tillyaeva black and white

Unlike her competitors,  Lola Tillyaeva isn’t driven by the motive of making profit. When she started The Harmonist, she focused on small batch and high-end production. This set The Harmonist apart from its competitors and their typical strategies of mass production and saturated marketing. A central aspect of her perfumes is that The Harmonist sources only the finest ingredients and ensures they are ethically cultivated.

Lola is also determined to create scents which seamlessly compliment the unique energies of wearerthe . She says:

“For years, the beauty industry has capitalised on feelings of low self-esteem. But as today we find ourselves in the midst of a global mental health crisis, it has never been more important that the beauty industry becomes more inclusive, promotes self-love and takes a holistic approach to body and mind.”

With such sweeping ambition comes the danger of becoming overwhelmed. Thus, Lola Tillyaeva finds her grounding, both personally and professionally, in the philosophy of Feng Shui. Lola appreciates the philosophy’s “practical advice on how to achieve greater self-knowledge and inner harmony by balancing the fundamental elements of the universe.

But Lola is also a pragmatist. She recognizes that science, formal education and practical skills are also important. Thus, she turned to one of Europe’s finest ‘noses’ to assist in the creation of her perfume range. Guillaume Flavigny is a Prix International du Jeune Parfumeur Créateur winner and has formed a winning partnership with Lola. He shares her passion for fragrance and her sensitivity to the subtleness of the art. According to Lola:

Creating a scent is very much like creating a piece of music – notes blend into chords, and the chords harmonize into a full-blown melody. Just like a good piece of music, a good fragrance encompasses a wide range of tonalities, the notes of different scents, if you will.”

For those interested in finding out more about Lola’s philosophy, her book Be Your Own Harmonist: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom for Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing is the perfect place to start. The book, termed  “a self-care guide,” outlines how Lola achieves harmony in her own life. The book is a product of many years of research, Lola’s owned lived experience and the knowledge she has gained from completing a doctorate in psychology. Be Your Own Harmonist details Lola’s belief that well-being is achieved through “a merging of science and spirituality a union she considers crucial to the future of human progress. The book is a valuable resource for people looking for a sustainable, and more harmonious work-life balance.