Nauruz celebration in one of Tashkent orphanages

30 Mar 2010


March 28, 2010 – These days, people across Uzbekistan are celebrating Nauruz – a symbol of spring and New Year, revival and renewing. Among one of the wonderful traditions of this unique holiday is that people congratulate family members and friends, those familiar and even not familiar ones, wish health, happiness, good luck and piece. Thus, celebration of Nauruz has been held in one of Tashkent houses for orphan children, were children celebrated the holiday together with educators of the house and staff members of the children’s charity “You are not alone” (“Sen Yolg’iz Emassan”).

“Nauruz is a holiday of generosity and fullness, kindness and mercy, a holiday that awakens joy, kindness and hope in our hearts and souls. Following good tradition of celebrating this wonderful holiday in a single and solid family, it is of a special pleasure to celebrate the coming of spring around cheerful fervour, sonorous and happy laughing of our children” said Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, the chairperson of the board of guardians of “You are not alone” charity and Uzbek ambassador to UNESCO.

ImageShe also stressed: “While organizing the feast event dedicated to this bright spring holiday, our main aim was to interest and involve into holiday program all children of the House, in accordance with individual interests and talents of each child. This year holiday program was developed under the idea of greeting spring in the countries of the Silk Road. We wanted to show the meaning of Nauruz and greeting spring not only in rich history and culture of our country, but also by the example of customs of greeting spring in other countries, in order to evoke interest and impart respect to traditions of other nations”.

As part of a holiday program, children staged traditions of greeting spring in Uzbekistan, China, India and Iran. The staging included performance of fascinating national dances and cooking of national delicacies. Sumalak, a symbol of life, warmth, fullness and health, which was prepared by children, was the main holiday course.

Children’ hand-made crafts – pictures, embroideries, articles from beads and papier-mâché were exposed at the children’ exhibition, also organized as part of the event. As well, children participated in traditional sport games, such as tug-of-war, imitation of kurash (sport wrestle) and dorbozlar (walking on longshanks).

At the end of the event, various presents – school packs, developing games and toys were given to children.