Celebrations of Nauruz at Children's Adaptation Center

26 Mar 2010

Celebrations of Nauruz at Children’s Adaptation Center

NauruzMarch 25, 2010 – The National Center for Children’s Social Adaptation held celebration of national holiday Nauruz – a symbol of eternal youngness, happiness and revival, historically standing as a beginning of a new year in the East and awakening of the nature. 

Celebration of national and international holidays with children attending the Adaptation Center and their parents became a heart-warming tradition of the Center. It has been 4 years already, since Nauruz is being celebrated in the bosom of a big friendly family of children, their parents and members of the Adaptation Center. As a bright demonstration of an ancient holiday, children with a great delight along with adults participated in a holiday concert, organized national games. Ad of course, holiday event would be incomplete without traditional cooking of Sumalak and holiday table, with spring delicious dishes and sweets. A holiday finished with giving presents. Children with limited abilities were presented with developing games, toys, books, medical facilities and others, in accordance with individual needs of each child.

Nauruz Over 90 children attending the Adaptation Center participated at the feast, organized this year. “In the East, Nauruz holiday is a wonderful holiday of spring. The celebration, organized today at the Center, makes happy not only children, but also parents” said Elvira Gayfulina, a mother of 5-years old Khayitmurod, a boy with limited abilities, attending the Information and Consulting Service of the Adaptation Center for 2 years. Talking about the specialists of the Center she stressed their great importance in development of children and especially, their individual and sensitive approach to each child: “Pediatricians, speech therapists, neurologists here accustom into our problems, and “make much” of each child. They teach children to distinguish the grass from flowers, the sky from the ground, and goodness from badness. Thanks to them, we – parents of special children, started to perceive the world differently, acknowledged all the beauty of life. I’m very grateful for the personnel of the Center for their greatheartedness, sensitive and attentive attitude to children”.

Ref: The National Center for Children’s Social Adaptation was established at the initiative of Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2004 to promote interests of children of vulnerable groups, by facilitating development of legislative acts in regards to children of vulnerable groups and  improvement of provided services.