Healthcare Assistance

The You Are Not Alone Foundation attaches particular importance to providing children brought up in orphanages and other children in need with quality medical care. It arranges regular medical checks for children living in Mercy Homes.

The charity provides funding for the treatment of children from orphanages and low-income families, including surgery grants for children with serious medical conditions.

A special commission of medical experts and the charitable foundation’s staff collaborates with a number of medical institutions, both in Uzbekistan as well as abroad, to consider cases of complex health conditions requiring surgery.

The subsequent operations are performed by Uzbek and foreign specialists both inside Uzbekistan as well as in clinics in Europe, Japan, India and Israel.

Since July 2015, the Foundation has collaborated with the French Association La Chaîne de l’Espoir to offer specialist advice and treatment to children with congenital heart diseases, including surgery in France.

As part of a charity campaign backed by the You Are Not Alone Foundation, over the past three years French experts have operated on more than 90 Uzbek children with congenital heart conditions from low-income families and orphanages.



The charity provides wheelchairs, prostheses and hearing devices for children with disabilities who receive treatment at the National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children.

In 2011, the Foundation provided the State Perinatal Centre in Tashkent with advanced, state-of-the-art medical equipment, including humidity cribs for newborns; phototherapy lamps; Retcam Shuttle ophthalmic imaging system; Voluson E8 and LOGIQ E9 ultrasound machines; electrosurgical coagulator; surgical x-ray system; life support systems, cardiac monitors, and an air purification system.


In 2013, the Foundation renovated and refurbished four operating theatres at the National Specialized Surgery Centre in Tashkent. Thanks to the new, state-of-the-art medical equipment, it is now possible to perform the most complex surgeries here.


In October 2015 the You Are Not Alone Foundation provided the children’s unit of the State Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion with new medical equipment. The hospital suffered from an acute shortage of proper equipment, with only 10 infusion pumps available for the entire children’s unit. The lack of key equipment would considerably delay and complicate the overall process of treatment and therapy.

The Foundation provided the hospital with 10 KellyMed infusion and 30 syringe pumps, which are key in the daily treatment of children with various haematological disorders. The children’s unit of the hospital was also provided with two exhaust hoods for the safe handling of chemotherapeutic agents.