Uzbek children undergo heart surgery in French clinic as part of charity campaign

26 Jun 2016

Children who underwent complex heart surgery in a hospital in the French city of Nantes returned to Tashkent today.

CharityThree children diagnosed with complex congenital heart conditions were sent to France in May following examinations carried out by medical experts of the French Association “La Chaine de l’Espoir” (The Chain of Hope) during their visit to Tashkent earlier this year.

The trip to France by the children and their parents was organized with the You are Not Alone Foundation’s backing.

Five-month-old Behruzbek Asilbekov was operated on by French cardiac surgeon Olivier Baron. Following eight-day post-surgery therapy received in hospital, Behruzbek and his mother were placed in a special post-surgery rehabilitation unit where the child’s condition was monitored by cardiac surgeons and paediatricians for three weeks.

Following thorough medical examinations, it was decided that the condition of nine-month-old Odina Abduboriyeva, who was diagnosed with dextrocardia, was not life-threatening and that she was not in need of surgery at present. The little girl will be kept under medical observation in Tashkent.

Two-year-old Hayotkhon Mamarajabova from Termez suffers from a complex congenital heart condition requiring a series of operations. The first of these was performed by French doctors on 30 May.

The You are Not Alone Foundation is a charitable organization which was founded by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2002 to provide comprehensive assistance and support to children left without parental care. The charity’s primary goals are to promote progress among orphaned and abandoned children and to provide them with better access to comprehensive education, as well as to offer assistance in healthcare and psychological support. The charity also provides assistance in the treatment of children with serious medical conditions from low-income families.