"The Harmonist": Lola Tillyaeva's Perfume House Committed to Philanthropic Causes

14 Apr 2021

One of the things that make Lola Tillyaeva’s Perfume House, The Harmonist, stand out in a saturated marketplace is a genuine commitment to set of values. As the name implies, Lola Tillyaeva seeks to find balance with her products – a balance between commerce and conservation, a balance between perfume and person. As Lola Karimova puts it, her perfumes must be attuned to the ‘invisible force’ of the individual.

“One of the main missions of our brand is to encourage and motivate our  clients to take an enlightening and rewarding journey into their inner self      through exploring the world of scents. There is no such thing as a perfume    that is ideal for everyone. Like clothes, it depends on the occasion and character of the person. I’d say that perfume can certainly be perfect for a particular moment, occasion or for a particular mood”.Lola Karimova

It is hardly surprising that Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva takes her fragrances so seriously. Tracing her passion for scents back to her childhood home of Uzbekistan, she grew up immersed in the sights and smells of the Silkroad. Even today cinnamon, cumin and jasmine are triggers which recall to her, her earliest memories. “Smells act like time capsules and our childhood memories have a lasting impression staying with us throughout our life, affecting our perfume preferences”. It is this depth of feeling which she seeks to echo across the range.

The pursuit of this goal literally sends Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and her team to the ends of the Earth. For instance, for Moon Glory, a fragrance from the Prequel Collection, jasmine is sourced from Hawaii for its “unique blend of depth and sensuality.” Ylang Ylang blossoms from Comoros are selected for their “delicate fruity smell, which in aromatherapy is prized for its properties to calm the nervous system.” From Mexico come the passionflowers to deliver a “sultry note and a pearly feel.” Such a discerning selection of raw products is reflected in what one finds inside the bottle. Harrods department store describes Lola’s fragrances as, “tantalising – an expertly composed complexity of scents…”

They’re also a consequence of the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui which underpins everything that Lola Tillyaeva is trying to achieve with The Harmonist. Feng Shui views all things as composed of five universal elements and affected by the opposing forces of yin and yang.

Given that one of these primordial elements is water, it is no surprise that Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva is also committed to the issue of water scarcity. Recognizing how difficult it is to engage the public’s attention in today’s rapid-fire new cycle, she took an innovative approach. She commissioned a major art installation to tour major cities to get people talking. At almost 40 feet in height and 18 feet at the base, The Droplet is made of polished aluminum tubing and forms a stylized droplet of water. More than a sculpture, it can shroud itself and the viewer in a fine mist of water vapor to create a “unique multisensory art installation,” as Lola explained, “Art has an incredible capacity to inspire, encourage and unite people around a cause. It is a springboard for conversation”.