Lola Tillyaeva's The Harmonist leading in sustainability in the Beauty Industry

26 Oct 2021

In the hyper-competitive world of perfume making, Lola Tillyaeva and The Harmonist, have carved for themselves quite a niche. Escaping the standard model of mass-production and glossy marketing, Lola instead opts for sustainability, exacting standards and a personalized approach for each wearer of her scents.

Lola Tillyaeva's The Harmonist

Her commitment to sustainability is evident in how she works to minimize the environmental footprint of her business. For instance, The Harmonist uses recyclable materials at every possible touchpoint, from perfume bottles and deluxe packaging to the vegetal wax candles. Lola Tillyaeva’s business also makes refills available for every product in her range. As Lola said in an interview:

“At first glance our packaging may seem too deluxe to be eco-friendly, but it is not only can our perfume bottles be recycled, we go one step further by also making them refillable. To replenish a favourite scent, clients can simply buy refill tubes that help keep packaging to a minimum.”

Lola Tillyaeva also explained the importance of the ingredients which go into her creations. The scent Moon Glory is one good example. Recently nominated for Fragrance of the Yearin the Women’s Luxury category of the 2021 Fragrance Foundation Awards, the scent requires jasmine from Hawaii, Ylang Ylang blossoms from the Comoros Islands and passionflower from Mexico. One reason her team goes to such lengths is to ensure the ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically.

Lola Tillyaeva’s overarching goal is to attune her fragrances to the ‘invisible force’ of each individual customer. To this end she employs the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. This world view provides a perfect insight for creating a balanced, yet complex fragrance by harmonizing the competing forces of yin and yang. In her own words:

“There is no such thing as a perfume that is ideal for everyone. Like clothes, it depends on the occasion and character of the person. I’d say that perfume can certainly be perfect for a particular moment, occasion or for a particular mood.”

Lola’s unorthodox approach has certainly paid off. At this year’s Fragrance Foundation Awards Moon Glory and another scent, Sun Force, received nominations for fragrance of the year in different categories. For such a young Maison de parfums this was an incredible achievement. Some of the recognized brands that Moon Glory and Sun Force were competing against were Chanel, Gucci and Armani. Lola was thrilled at her scents being nominated and said:

“Our team is passionate about creating unique, memorable scents that captivate the wearer and reflect the planet´s beauty and the wonders of nature.”

Lola Tillyaeva’s passion for the environment also finds expression in her ongoing project, The Droplet. Launched in 2017 to raise awareness about the growing problem of water scarcity, The Droplet is 12 meters of polished aluminum forming a stylized drop of water. As Lola explains:

“I believe that art has an incredible capacity to inspire, encourage and unite   people around a cause, due to its ability to touch the human soul. That is why we harness the power of art as a means to raise public awareness of issues relating to global warming and climate change.”

The Droplet has been exhibited in cities like Barcelona and Paris and turns heads and inspires debate everywhere it goes.

Both The Harmonist and The Droplet show Lola’s unyielding commitment to sustainability and to creativity which seeks to celebrate and protect the planet.