Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent

08 Sep 2011

Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent

On 5-7 September Tashkent hosted the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup and the international tournament “Happy Caravan”. The tournaments were attended by gymnasts from 18 countries.

Participants noted that the tournaments were held at a very high level and that they were looking forward to participating in future sporting events to be hosted in Uzbekistan’s capital.

The World Cup event included individual and group all-around competitions, as well as individual apparatus finals. In the individual all-around, gold was won by Daria Dmitrieva (Russia); silver – by Alexandra Merkulova (Russia), and bronze by Lubov Charkashina (Belarus). The leader of Uzbekistan’s national team, Ulyana Trofimova, was awarded the fourth place. Anna Alabyeva (Kazakhstan) won the fifth place, and Aliya Garayeva (Azerbaijan) was the sixth.

In group exercises, gymnasts from Japan were most successful; Germany captured silver with Azerbaijan in third.

The Individual Apparatus Finals in Tashkent were dominated by Russia, with Dmitrieva taking the title on hoop, ball and ribbon as well as silver on clubs, and first year senior Merkulova (Russia) prevailing on clubs, and garnering silver on hoop, ball, and ribbon. Charkashina added two bronze medals to her records on hoop and ball, while Melitina Staniouta (Belarus) placed third on clubs, and Ulyana Trofimova won bronze for Uzbekistan on ribbon.

Yulia Sinitsina from Russian became the winner of the “Happy Caravan” international tournament among juniors, silver went to Uzbek gymnast Anastasia Serdukova, and bronze was won by Elena Bolotina from Belarus.