Navruz celebrations held at UNESCO headquarters

23 Mar 2011

Navruz celebrations held at UNESCO headquarters


Paris, 21 March: Uzbekistan’s Permanent Delegation to UNESCO, jointly with diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, have held celebrations to mark Navruz at the UNESCO headquarters.


The celebrations included a colourful concert program as well as the presentation “Navruz is the holiday of everlasting youth, happiness and revival”.

 The event was attended by about 1,400 guests, among whom were UNESCO leadership and staff, permanent delegations of member states, senators, and MPs, representatives from government and socio-cultural circles, French media and heads of Paris-based diplomatic missions and international organizations.

In his opening speech, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture Francesco Bandarin said that Navruz is one of the most ancient festivals on the earth which symbolizes the beginning of spring and awakening of the nature. Being the important part of the human heritage, Navruz is a special day for people of the Middle East, Caucasus, Middle and South Asia as well as other regions, the day on which they celebrate peace and harmony of cultures.

The director-general of the “SNAV les Professionnels du Voyage” Pierre Surro said: “The Navruz celebrations at UNESCO provide Europeans with a unique opportunity to get a better insight into the rich culture of Uzbekistan as well as other oriental countries. I also believe that the holding of this festival will be appreciated in Paris as well as encourage thousands of tourists to visit Uzbekistan and see for themselves the rich material and spiritual culture of the Uzbek people.”

Jean-Pierre Borget, an official from the French Agriculture Ministry said: “The Navruz celebrations have been a remarkable event and helped me to discover Uzbekistan’s rich musical culture and national cuisine. I’m impressed by performances of young Uzbek artists who beautifully performed dances representing traditions of their country’s various regions. As you can see, Uzbek dances and music have left nobody indifferent. This will prompt the participants in the event to visit your wonderful country.”
The secretary-general of the French Association for the Study of the History and Art of the Timurids’ epoch, Frederique Bressand, said: “It is a great pleasure for me to take part in the Navruz celebrations at the UNESCO headquarters. Navruz is a key and favourite festival of the people living in Uzbekistan and the whole of Central Asia. I’m glad that in the past I had several opportunities to mark this festival in Uzbekistan. Thanks to the musical band that is visiting from Tashkent, the Paris public have been given a chance to feel the atmosphere of the big festival which is being celebrated in Uzbekistan those days. I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate my Uzbek friends on the beautiful spring festival of Navruz.”.