Navruz celebration in Paris

22 Mar 2012

On 22 March Uzbekistan’s Permanent Delegation at UNESCO held a ceremony to mark the spring festival of Navruz.

The event, which included musical performances by Uzbek artists as well as a presentation on the traditions of celebrating Navruz in Uzbekistan, was attended by UNESCO leadership and staff, representatives of member-states, senators, MPs; representatives of government, social and cultural circles, the media as well as heads of Paris-based diplomatic missions and international organizations. Those in attendance shared their views on the event:

French Transport Minister Thierry Mariani:

“I would like to use this pleasant opportunity to sincerely congratulate the leadership and people of Uzbekistan on the Navruz festival. Uzbekistan and France enjoy long-term friendly relations. It’s noteworthy that France ranks the first among the European countries in terms of the number of tourists visiting Uzbekistan. This shows French people’s great interest in and respect for your country. The reviving of traditions of this beautiful festival is a symbol linked to the centuries-old rich traditions of people of Uzbekistan.

Last February we had an honour of visiting Tashkent and I would like to express full confidence that it has served as a new stage for the development of French-Uzbek relations, opening up new opportunities for boosting mutual understanding as well as collaboration.”

Head of department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Florentine Petit:

“We are delighted to take part in the wonderful celebration of Navruz, which symbolizes the beginning of the spring, the awakening and renewal of nature. Thanks to the musicians visiting from Tashkent, the Paris audience has got a chance to get the feel of the atmosphere of the large-scale festivities currently taking place in Uzbekistan.”

President of the Institute of France-Europe-Asia Renaud Abord de Chatillon:

“I’m impressed by hospitality as well as the rich culture of the Uzbek people. The broadcast of the celebrations [in Uzbekistan] inspired me and many other guests to visit and get to know better the history of your country as well as its people.

I would like to use this opportunity, and on the occasion of this beautiful festival, wish the Uzbek people prosperity and success in all their endeavours, and hope to visit your country soon.”

Head of department at the Auchan Voyages travel agency, Zoe Mazuzi:

“I would like to use this opportunity to introduce an advertising campaign for the promotion of Uzbekistan as a travel destination, which is led by the Auchan Voyages across France. Despite the fact that the advertising campaign started relatively recently almost all travel tours to Uzbekistan have been sold out for the whole of 2012.” “French people from the country’s various regions are very keen to visit your beautiful country and see for themselves the unique historic and architectural monuments, learn more about Uzbekistan’s rich history and culture as well as national cuisine.”