Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva Financial Donations During the COVID 19 Pandemic

07 Apr 2021

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and her husband, businessman Timur Tillyaev, are well known for their commitment to charitable causes. After nearly two decades focusing on their native land of Uzbekistan, they are now also involved locally in their adoptive home of LA. Watching the crisis caused by COVID, the couple knew they had to act. As the President of UCLA Health and CEO of the UCLA Hospital System explained:

“We were facing a shortage of face shields for our front-line healthcare workers, and thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Tillyaev Family, UCLA was able to secure enough shields to equip our entire patient-facing workforce.”

Given the huge strain the Californian health system was under this kind of assistance was greatly appreciated. The couple’s involvement looks to be permanent. Timur Tillyaev now sits on the board at the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. He said, “I believe that by giving children the best opportunities we are investing in a better world.”

Lola Karimova Tillyaeva

The couple’s first participation in philanthropy began way back in 2002 with the launching of their first and longest running foundation, You Are Not AloneIt was guided by the ambitious goal of “ensuring that vulnerable children grow up in a caring and loving environment”. They began by investing in the upgrading of pre-existing centres across the sprawling land of Uzbekistan. With these funds, mercy homes and orphanages were able to upgrade their facilities and refurbish their buildings. Nowadays, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and Timur Tillyaev have the experience to direct everything from the designing and construction of purpose-built centres to outfitting them with top level staff and facilities.

You Are Not Alone also has programs to support the education and health care for Uzbekistan’s most disadvantaged. For students with a solid level of achievement, bursaries are available to ensure they are able to continue their studies through university also. You Are Not Alone also provides funding to fill gaps in the Uzbek health system. One recent program saw to the renovation and refurbishment of four operating theatres at the National Specialized Surgery Centre in the Uzbek capital. This generous assistance means that much more complex surgeries are now able to be performed there.

As Timur Tillyaev has explained elsewhere, “for the past two decades my wife and I have been involved in various charity projects in Uzbekistan and internationally to support the vulnerable and to support initiatives that help people.”

Outside of his work in philanthropy, Timur Tillyaev is a successful entrepreneur in the competitive world of international logistics and transport. Lola Tillyaeva’s background is no less impressive. Among other things she runs the celebrated maison de parfums, The Harmonist, she also founded the Uzbek Gymnastic Federation and was an UNESCO diplomat. She also has a doctorate in Psychology from Tashkent State University.