Information and Consulting Service of the National Centre for Social Adaptation of Children following major renovation

05 Jun 2012

Information and Consulting Service of the National Centre
for Social Adaptation of Children following major renovation

Lola Karimova with the children of NCSAC

The Information and Consulting Service of the National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children has opened its doors to children in need of help following an extensive renovation. The chairman of the Centre’s Board of Trustees, Mrs Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, and her husband Timur Tillyaev spent a day at the centre with children who are receiving treatment there as well as their parents.

Lola Tillyaeva taking care of disabled childrenThe National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC) was founded by Mrs Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2004 to provide information, counselling and legal support to children with special needs and their families, children from vulnerable groups and underprivileged families, as well as assistance to disabled children in the areas of diagnosis, orthopaedic treatment, speech therapy and education. Over 4,000 children have received assistance at the NCSAC’s Information and Consulting Service (ICS) from 2007 to 2011. All services are provided free-of-charge.

Lola Karimova with the disabled children at the NCSACThe ICS specialists, special educators, speech therapists, psychologists, neurologists, instructors on therapeutic exercises, masseurs, sign language teachers, art therapists develop individual development programs for every childwith disabilities and signs of stunted growth who come to the centre.

Lola Karimova Tillyaeva helping a boy in rehabilitationThe ICS specialists base their work on the principle that much greater results can be achieved in the rehabilitation process when parents and treatment specialists join their efforts and work together to achieve their major goal. It is important that parents are next to their children during this vital process to better understand how their children feel, what their hopes and concerns are.

Bicycles for rehabilitation at the center reopened by Lola KarimovaThe program for rehabilitation provides for engaging children as well as developing their senses and skills through plays in the sensory room fitted out with specific sensory equipment designed to stimulate an individual through each of their senses, evoking positive emotional and motor responses in children with special needs. The sensory room has a significant therapeutic impact for children with sensory processing disorders, creating a stimulating and calming atmosphere.

Therapy received in the sensory room is extremely helpful in removing tension in children with spastic cerebral palsy, manifestations of anxiety in children suffering from neurotic disorders.

Lola Karimova with a girl in the ICSTreatment and assistance received in the sensory room help children to adjust to the outside world, movements, sounds at a specific pace.

Experts in therapeutic physical training develop individual programs of exercises for children based on the medical condition of every child, their motor and intellectual capabilities. The ICS has been fitted out with the state-of-the-art equipment for the functional recovery of children suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. Locomat treadmills, Solostepphysical therapy devices, standing frames will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of treatment provided to children. Advanced facilities make it possible to achieve important results, including long-awaited first steps made by children, which is one of the most rewarding moments for the centre’s specialists, children and their parents after all the hard work they have done!

Lola Karimova accompanies a boy to his therapy The room of sand therapy provides children with an opportunity to create their own world in the sandbox by drawing sand paintings, expressing their inner world through various patterns and shapes. Sand therapy is used both for diagnosis and therapy in the overall program of child development.

Lola Karimova with the childrens parents Children are also provided with assistance by specialists of the Montessori room who base their work on the principle that every child is unique and individual, and therefore exploresthe world at his/her own pace. The ICS has also rooms of the art and fairy tale therapy that are the integral parts of everychild’s development programme. At the fairy tale therapy room children are presented with music and attention grabbing moving colours, which contribute to boosting their creativity.

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva with a disabled baby of the NCSACThe organization’s main goal is to ensure that every child with special needs that comes to the centre to get much needed education and special therapy fulfils his or her potential.
Promoting a quality and effective education for disabled children is an important area of the charity’s work and the NCSAC provides assistance in the enrolment of disabled children in public schools as well as developing educational material for children with special needs.
One of the Centre’s priority tasks is to expand its work to Uzbekistan’s regions. Information and consulting services are expected to be set up in the Ferghana Valley (eastern Uzbekistan) in 2012, Samarkand (central Uzbekistan) – in 2013, and Karshi (southern Uzbekistan) – in 2014.


Lola Tillyaeva talking with the children of the NCSACLola Karimova plays with the children with sand in the therapy room Lola Tillyaeva plaing with the children with sand in the therapy roomLola Tillyaeva with the phisical therapeutic trainersLola Karimova in the art room with the childremLola Karimova helping a boy in the art roomLola Karimova-Tillyaeva in a room of the NCSAC