French radio broadcast on Uzbekistan

15 Mar 2011

French radio broadcast on Uzbekistan

The Permanent Delegation of Uzbekistan arranged the broadcast of a special feature on Uzbekistan with participation of journalist Thierry Garcin and Professor Jacques Barrat which was aired on France Culture radio as part of the series “International matters”.

ImageFrance Culture is a public radio channel, which is part of Radio France group. France Culture first went on the air in 1946 as Chaine Nationale, and was renamed France Culture in 1963.

The special broadcast on Uzbekistan focused on Barrat’s book “The Geopolitics of Uzbekistan” which was published in Paris in 2010. The book reflects Uzbekistan’s history after the country gained independence as well as its integration in the international community.

The programme host said the book analyzed the main characteristics of Uzbekistan’s population, standards of living, the role of the state in ensuring the social protection of the population, reduction in mortality rate, high literacy rate (99.3 per cent of adult population), peaceful coexistence of representatives of over 130 ethnic groups as well as Uzbekistan’s stance on topical regional problems.

Garcin also touched upon the main features of Uzbekistan, including its great potential, historical heritage as well as the geo-strategic location. In this respect, Barrat noted that being historically located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan represents the synthesis of various cultures and philosophies, where representatives of numerous ethnic groups, religions and faiths have always coexisted peacefully.

In this context, it was particularly noted that in contrast to its neighbours, Uzbekistan managed to develop its own independent policy, which allows the country to balance relations between the world’s leading countries and international organizations. This can be seen in the specifics of the relations the country has built with Moscow, Washington, Beijing, Seoul, New Delhi, Tokyo and others.

At the same time, it was noted that the country is having to deal with many problems and challenges, including the ecologic catastrophe caused by the shrinkage of the Aral Sea and ongoing instability in neighbouring Afghanistan. In this regard, a positive assessment is given to assistance Uzbekistan is providing to its war-torn neighbour.